Here are some crafts and activities that accompany the "Imagine Your Story" summer reading theme. We would love to see what you create and follow the things that you do! Send a picture to and we will feature it on our social media accounts or our website! (We will not share your contact info.)

Arts & Crafts

Print and color your own fairy-tale-themed mask, courtesy of the Massachusetts Library Board of Commissioners. (Click on images to download.)





Make a scene! Is there a moment in a book that stood out to you? Was it an action-packed scene full of people, animals, or vehicles? Was it quiet and peaceful? Try recreating that scene using building bricks or modeling clay.

Can You Craft It? Start out with paints/markers/crayons, construction paper, glue/tape, and other basic crafting materials. Add a household item to make something fun! (Links below are just some of many out there for inspiration--not an endorsement of those pages.)


  • Add a Paper Towel Roll to make a:

Fire-breathing dragon (from One Little Project)

Dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (from Disney Family)

Little Pig snout (from Not Just Cute)

Beanstalk with clouds at the top (from Fantastic Fun and Learning)

  • Add a Paper Plate to make:

Cinderella's carriage (from Artsy Momma)

The Big Bad Wolf's face (from Glued to My Crafts)

A dragon (from Learn with Play at Home)

  • Add Popsicle Sticks or Straws to make:

A magic wand (from Easy Crafts for Kids)

An additional Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt Read with a theme

by following these twelve suggestions for a book scavenger hunt (from

The Child's World; click on image to download).


Child's World

Scavenger Hunt

Storybook STEM

Storybooks are filled with all sorts of problems and challenges that kids can try to solve! Using materials that you have around your house or outside, see what kind of solutions they can come up with! (Hint: search your kitchen, junk drawers, and recyclables for materials. Try not to buy anything!)

Test your solutions, and try redoing them with other kinds of materials. Talk to your kids about why some items work better than others.

Baby Bear's Chair

Billy Goats' Raft

Three Pigs' Houses

Humpty Dumpty Trust Fall

Teen & Adult

Calling all teens! Apply your creativity to the Teen Video Challenge, hosted by the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). 

1. Make a 60-second PSA with your interpretation of this year’s theme, “Imagine Your Story.” 

2. Include a promotion of public libraries and reading. 

3. Submit it to the CSLP by August 7, and you could win $200! (We would love for you to share it with the library, too!)

For full rules/details and entry, go to

Imagine your future with a Dream/Vision Board: Create a collage that represents the goals you want to achieve. Combine photos, inspirational words or phrases, and personal artwork or meaningful design touches. Then use it as a visual reminder of what you want your story to be. For help getting started see tips from the O.G. of Dream Boards, Jack Canfield, or this beginner's guide.

Learn the story of your past. You've heard about people researching their family trees. Have you given it a try? Use our HeritageQuest database to start your search, and see what you can find! Click here to go to the Gale databases, then scroll down to "ProQuest Heritage Quest" to begin.

Tell your story with fashion. Do you have a personal style? Is it quirky, relaxed, conservative, or a mix? Do you dream of changing things up, or creating something new? Get inspired by this video, then sketch, paint, or create a style to share with the world. 

Games & Activities

Stuck in Your Castle Bingo

Adult Coloring Pages-

Courtesy of ALA

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